Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal

Vendor Assessment is important because it evaluates the credentials of the seller and the quality standards followed during the manufacturing process

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inspection icon What is Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal?

After Successful GeM Portal Registration, Organisation on GeM/ OEMs/ Sellers/ Vendors are supposed to go through an Assessment/ Verification Process called GeM Vendor Assessment that validates these Organisation. GeM Confirms these Organisations to be Legit and In turn GeM provides them with certain additional features and benefits on the GeM Portal. GeM Vendor Assessment is one of our Expert GeM Portal Services.

Vendor Assessment on GeM gives Credibility to the Organisations. Creation of Brand and OEM is only available to the Organisations that are Verified and have gone through the GeM Vendor Assessment. Click here Take the Assessment Today.

Navigating GeM Vendor Assessment: Watch Our Expert Guide!

Why Vendor Assessment on GeM is mandatory for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

Vendor Assessment on GeM is required because it validates the QUALITY of manufacturing process and ascertain the financial credibility of the seller organisation.

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GeM Vendor Assessment Exemptions granted under the following scenarios

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    Central/State PSUs

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    OEMs holding BIS License for the particular product category

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    Sellers recommended for exemption for specific categories and specified validity period by any CPSE, Central and State Government Departments/Authorities

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    Sellers who are Registered Societies/Trusts/other bodies, if these concerns have Government Representation

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    Vaccine manufacturer as per list provided by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

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    Drugs/Medicine manufacturer with “Notarized Undertaking” & “Valid certified copy of Drug Licenses from the issuing/concerned Drug Authority”

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    Medical Device manufacturer with “Valid Manufacturing License” from the issuing Licensing Authority

List of Documents Required for GeM Vendor Assessment

Following is the list of initial documents to be furnished by sellers for carrying out Vendor Assessment:

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PAN Card Copy

PAN Card Copy of the Organisation is required

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Promoters Info

Name, Contact details with the e-mail address of the promoters

gst icon

GST Registrations

All required in case of multiple billing addresses

firm icon

Company/Firm Registration Documents

PAN Card Copy of the Organisation is required

mou icon

MOA & AOA Or Deed

Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association (in case of Companies) or Partnership Deed (in case of Partnership firm)

banker icon

Cancelled Bank Cheque

Self Cancelled cheque of one of the Director on The cancelled cheque of the Company/Firm Bank Account.

finance icon

Financial Statements

(Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet) of Bank for the last three financial years.

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Vendor Principal Agreement Copy

(Applicable if the entity is a dealer or a vendor of an OEM)

note icon

Non-Blacklist Undertaking

Stating that the firm is not debarred/blacklisted by any Government Organisations.

experience icon

Experience Undertaking

Stating that the firm has years of experience in dealing with Government Organisations.

banker icon

Banker Reference Letter on Account Performance

Reference letter from Bank verifying that the bank account transacts a good amount of money and pays debts if any and other references.

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Copy of Other Documents

Purchased Order copies, Delivery Challans, GRN (Goods Received Note), Invoice for Government Tenders/Businesses for the last three financial years. These documents are required for all the order details filled in the form of government orders and corporate orders.

aoc icon

Form AOC4

Self Cancelled cheque of one of the Director on The cancelled cheque of the Company/Firm Bank Account.

aoc icon

Form MGT7

MGT 7 is an electronic form that is allocated to all the companies by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for filing details of their annual return. The Registrar of Companies uses to maintain this e-form via electronic mode and on the basis of the statement of correctness given by the company.

Note: GeM can request more documents/ Information as needed for Verification.

Have all these Documents in Place? Need a Few Documents?

Baller if you have all the above mentioned documents. And, Don’t Worry if you don’t have a few documents, We can arrange everything and anything for you. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll arrange that.

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Procedure of Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal?

There’s a Process that needs to be followed for getting the GeM Vendor Assessment done. The procedure for Vendor Assessment is as follows:

  • Step 1.Visit and log in using your GeM User ID and Password.
  • Step 2.Click on "User" and select "My Account". Under "My Actions", click on "Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal".
  • Step 3.There will be two tabs:
    • i) Assessments
    • ii) Assessment Exemptions
    • iii) If you fall under the Exemption categories, proceed with "Assessment Exemptions". Otherwise, proceed with "Assessments".
  • Step 4.Go to “Create New Assessment” once you’ve read the Policy Document. Select the format type “Vendor Assessme nt”. There will be two formats – Manufacturers or OEM and Resellers.
  • Step the one relevant to you, then click on “Initiate Vendor Assessment”. A pre-filled form with seller profile information will open. Fill an additional Mobile and E-mail, Click on “Save & Proceed”.
  • Step 6.Financial details are fetched Automatically by the system and you‘re required to fill in the apt category details.

Note: Sellers are free to repeat the assessment even before the expiry of validity.

Assessment of Products and Vendor Assessment on GeM

Product for which Vendor Assessment is to be done is to be filled –

icon Add as many product categories in a Single Assessment

#Note: As of now the Seller Organisations can add as many product categories as they wish to get assessed and that too in a single assessment.

icon Add as many product categories in a Single Assessment

An online fee is to be paid to QCI for the GeM Vendor Assessment Process Initiation. Once the payment is processed, a mail will be sent by QCI to the seller with a user ID and a Password to start the Vendor Assessment.

The government fee for GeM Vendor Assessment is Rs. 11,200 + GST.

*This price is subject to change as per the Notification.

There are 2 stages of QCI GeM Vendor Assessment Process

Complete both the stages to Successfully complete the GeM Vendor Assessment.

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Desktop Assessment for GeM Vendor Assessment

Following a set of detailed documents, explanations are to be filled in these three broad level groups:-

Once the relevant supporting documents are uploaded and details are filled, one has to click the submit button QCI will assign a SPOC for the account and will review the desktop assessment documents.

In case of any further details required they will check with the Seller and data to be uploaded accordingly. Once the desktop assessment is cleared, mail will be sent by QCI for Video Assessment.

The objective behind having the desktop assessment from department side is to have an understanding regarding process, policy, procedure and performance of a business entity.

The manufacturer has to declare some basic information first along with documents as proof:

  1. Does the production of the product take place at one site?
  2. Complete address of the manufacturing site(s)
  3. How many sites are there?
  4. GSTIN of the manufacturing site (GSTIN certificate)

Information and Documents required in Desktop Assessment in GeM Vendor Assessment Process

Process Capability:

  1. Process flow diagram of the firm from receiving work order to customer delivery
  2. Specific process flow diagram of the products manufactured by the firm of all the value adding processes from Input Raw material to Finished good (For each product category)

Production Capacity:

  1. List of all the machines involved in the manufacturing process
  2. Overall monthly manufacturing capacity of the firm including production mix
  3. Production logs or production summary report for last 3 months to show the monthly utilisation of the capacity against the manufacturing capacity
  4. Purchase orders of customised item (Customised product for each customer according to specification given by them)


  1. Document showing name and address of approved suppliers along with last quantity supplied and invoices if any
  2. Document to show supplier performance monitoring system/ supplier rating mechanism

Rejected Material:

Procedure deployed by the firm detailing handling of rejected material during manufacturing process


Document for procedure detailing handling of customer complaints


Standard Operating Procedure Manual of safety standards


Sample of product warranty document provided by the firm

Research & Development:

  1. Document and pictures of R & D centre, showcasing the facilities and process within the centre
  2. Document and pictures of R & D centre of parent company, showcasing the facilities and process within the centre
  3. Document showing collaboration with premium R&D institutes for product development/new product/quality improvement
  4. Patent or copyright of new products
  5. List and pictures of prototype if any
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